Air Force Gaming is the destination for Airmen looking for gaming & esports community. We are developing several professional level teams as well as fostering an inclusive gaming community.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us out in a variety of ways, from organizing community tournaments, moderating our various platforms, or even working on our website. This is an opportunity to join the AFG team early as we develop and grow. You will also not be locked to just one area, if you are interested to try something new, we will help you.

Open Positions

Events Planner

Description: Brainstorm, Organize, and Run community events along with assisting large scale events in association with AFRS and AFSVC. We are looking for someone motivated and driven that wants to create something and help sustain it weekly or monthly. You'll work with Game Managers when working with their respective game and will really drive the community events of Air Force Gaming.


  • Total Force Airman
  • Organizational Skills
  • Be a Team Player
  • Passion for Video Games and Tournaments


  • Experience with Organizing Tournaments

Want to give it a shot? Apply Here.

Stream Team  

Description: Are you a dedicated streamer looking to represent? As a member of the Air Force Gaming Stream Team you will Officially Represent Air Force Gaming online via your streams and slotted times on the AFG Official Channels. As a Stream Team member you'll have to follow strict guidance accordingly when streaming on either your own channel or the Official AFG Channel. We want to represent the great members and streamers in the community.


  • Total Force Airman
  • Experienced Streamer
  • Outgoing
  • Motivated
  • Exemplifies Core Values

Want to join the team? Apply Here.

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