Operation Resilient Quarantine

Events Mar 20, 2020

Times are a bit crazy.

Air Force Gaming is officially doing everything in our power to provide the Total Force Community a gathering place for friends and entertainment.

Firstly announcing we are having our second 2v2 Call of Duty Gunfight Tournament on April 4th at 3pm EST. The expediting of this event has come from both the request of Base Services across the force wanting to provide for their bases, and that of the community already within AFG. In association with Maxwell AFB's own gaming club MGM who will assist in the 2v2 Tournament.

Due to the unprecedented event that is COVID-19 this will be a unique event in that we understand not only are a majority stuck at home away from work, many are stuck away from their friends Air Force or not. That being said, while we'd love you to pick a Wingman to be your duo, for this event only one member per team is required to be a Total Force Airman.

Sign-ups to this tournament can be found on our frontpage at: AirForce.gg           You can register as a solo and be matched with a partner or as a team.

Secondly, Air Force Gaming will be launching a Community Minecraft server for everyone to join and enjoy the stress free world; so long as you don't find yourself next to a creeper. Our server will be Whitelist only and you can gain access by request in our Discord.

Last but not least we will be launching our Twitch Channel, earlier than expected but opportunely the right time to provide something for all to enjoy and for our very own streamers to participate. The stream will be a 24 hour community stream by our very own community performed in shifts. If you're in our community or a Total Force Airman and want to participate in our stream we'd love to have you. Starting at 3pm EST April 3rd, up until the start of the 2v2 Gunfight Tournament at 3pm April 4th.

To sign-up and register for time-slots please refer to AirForce.gg.                                If we get a large number of volunteers we may lengthen the stream.

Who knows, maybe you'll even win some stickers.

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