More Volunteers!

Apr 16, 2020

With the ever growing community within Air Force Gaming there have been lot's of new volunteers to the team with more to come!

We'll cover the new additions and let you know of opportunities available right now for you to apply for.

In the world of Moderation.

We have brought onto the volunteer team the following:

James "AvengingHurdle" Lambert, Barry "Salty" McCool, Brandon "Syr Dobicus IV" Ramsey, Brennan "Wiseman" Bartos, Chris "SneakyCreeper" Nothstine, Daniel "Mr_Chainsaww" McArdle, Joshua "Laif" Moore, Lawrence "Solmi" Solmiano, Luke "HiddenCryptic" Windham, Matt "Tripleace929" Kenny, Matthew "Stubbs" Stubblefield, Noah "CashCarney" Carney, Aaron "LibrafromLibra" Ganoy, and Ty "Yikes" Tidwell.

Welcome to the team!


There are a few changes in our esports section.

As we have previously announced we have added two new Game Managers. Jordan "Pizzatime" Greco for Rainbow 6: Siege and Daniel "DMac" McAdams for the FGC.

Now for the new updates, Zachary "Boar" Stoehr has taken the position of Esports Manager. Boar will oversee team management, as well as assist the esports Director with community policies and esports engagement.

Michael "FTGMike" Quezada has taken the position of Intramural Esports Manager. FTGMike will be standing up our intramural program. This will be a fun and great way to engage in friendly base competition with one another; bragging rights will be on the line!

Open Applications

Air Force Gaming is currently looking for members to volunteer for both Social Media Assistant and Media Designer.

As a Social Media Assistant you will help in daily tasks and interactions on our Social Medias, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Assist in announcements and reporting on any Matches we're playing, as well as enjoy friendly banter with our Sister Services. You will also assist in connecting any inquiries to the right person.

For Media Designers, we're looking for Graphic Designers for both Static Images and Video Editing and Producing. From cutting highlight reels from a stream to creating an ad for our next event or the score of our most recent match.

If any of this sounds like it's up your alley or something you want to do you can apply to volunteer on our website.

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